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How to plan the perfect picnic

Tips & How-to's
15th June 2017

Choosing your picnic spot

Beach, river, national park, botanical garden, local historical site, urban rooftop, grassy pasture, hilltop or even your own backyard – one of the best things about picnics is you can have them in almost any outdoor setting.

When choosing the perfect place to have a picnic, look for a place with even ground to lay your picnic blanket on. You may also want to choose a spot with access to drinking water or a tap. Also, avoid really busy places, especially on public holidays, as you may not get a spot.

If it’s a large picnic and people will be arriving in separate cars, choose a spot that’s easy to find or near an obvious meeting point and send clear instructions or map if necessary. You might want to pick a destination with restrooms and, if kids are coming along, a playground too.

Similarly, if you plan on bringing the family dog, don’t forget to check if your picnic spot is pet friendly. Also, think about accessibility. If older people are coming along or someone is bringing a stroller, choose a site with an even footpath or trail that is relatively flat.